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Welcome to Broadline Consulting

Broadline Consulting is a multi disciplinary consulting firm specialised in Private Certification Services and BCA Consulting. Apart from the services of Accredited Certifiers/BCA Consultants for your fast building approvals, we also offer the services of specialised consultants such as civil and structural experts to provide innovative design solutions to the more challenging construction industry.

Broadline Consulting excel at bringing together knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver the best services to our clients. We have the best skills and professional expertise in the industry to help you with your projects, be it a minor addition to existing structures or a new large scale building construction. We deliver a consulting service which is tailored to suit your project requirements.

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New dwellings OR alterations & additions to existing dwellings
New dwellings OR alterations & additions to existing dwellings

Broadline Consulting’s Accredited Certifiers can help you with issue of a Complying Development Certificate/ Construction Certificate and be appointed as Principal Certifying Authority for the project.

Telecom monopoles/towers
Telecom monopoles/towers

We deliver a prompt and effective service to the demanding telecom industry to help build new towers and facilities to meet the community/customer expectations. Please get in touch to know about various services provided and receive free quotes.

Swimming Pool Inspections
Swimming Pool Inspections

There are strict guidelines and legislation on the safety of swimming pool construction in NSW. Our Accredited Certifiers have the expertise to inspect your pools for safety compliance and issue compliance certificates as applicable.

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